Stop dropping tic tacs everywhere!!!

Like a COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL you have made the grave mistake of dropping an entire box of INCREDIBLY SMALL AND PESKY TIC TACS all over the place!! Better pick them up!

Giving up early will get you a different rank depending on how much you've mastered the wily and dangerous tic tac.. also, I heard the God of Darkness is in town.

So get down on the ground and start hunting for the miracle of nature that is the tic tac..

(TIC TACS is a brief and easy game about.. yeah. Thanks to Lydia for this incredibly deep and soulful idea, I hope i never have to read the word tic tac again <3)
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Made withTwine
TagsCasual, Short, Text based, tic-tac, Twine, weird


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i rated this game 5 stars 7 years ago. i still like it. it's good